Erica Profile

Dance Teacher Contemporary and Jazz BSc (Hons) Dance Academy Rotterdam Codarts

Pilates Instructor Certified by Alan Herdman Pilates London – Founder and Director of the Pilates and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre in Clevedon.

I first learned about Pilates in 1990 during my training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy now known as Codarts. The Pilates training regime helped me deal with injuries and keep my body strong and flexible. I now teach Pilates full time and enjoy it tremendously. It is so rewarding to see how people’s body awareness develops and with that noticing the improvement in posture and confidence. Pilates balances the mind and body. I teach a combination of mat work, apparatus and rehabilitation with the main focus on general wellbeing. I read about Pilates all the time and am in constant communication with my teachers in the UK. I attend workshops regularly and always try to find new ways to teach this amazing exercise system as developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s.

I teach in my Room for Pilates and at people’s houses. My mat class is run at the function room in the Royal St Martins.

In my spare time I practice Pilates, read, cook, watch films, chat to my friends and family and go for walks on the beach with my husband and daughter.

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